SunmarExpress is a franchise business that is into low investment high profit, fast return on investment e-commerce business. The SunmarExpress franchise business includes Bayad Bills Payment Center, Money Remittance local and international, Airline Ticketing local and international, Eload - Prepaid Load, Travel and Tours, Courier Services, Health Products Discounts, ATM Withdrawal and other online based services. SunmarExpress business a Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) that is ready to operate, fully set-up franchise business in the Philippines. Check our Franchise Packages

SunmarExpress will guide you all the way from application to your successful business transactions.

Below are the steps on how to successfully franchise with SunmarExpress:

Step 1: Attend our 1 hour free Orientation

Step 2: Submit proposed location ( Subject for Approval)

Step 3: Settle Payment to lock desired location

Step 4: Sign MOA or Contract

Step 5: Submit Requirements for Training Schedule

Step 6: Attend All Trainings

Step 7: Operate